Walmart has been developing its ad platform to compete with Amazon, which also has invested in live shopping programs on its website. Amazon also has a creator program that allows its roster of talent to stream sales events, which are most prominent during holidays and Prime Day.

Social media companies, especially TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Snap, Pinterest and Twitter, have been trying to capture more commerce. But social commerce has been progressing slowly and there have been setbacks with how far the platforms can go to accommodate online shopping. For instance, TikTok’s livestream shopping program has reportedly been mothballed after having trouble catching on in the UK Facebook is pulling the plug on live shopping next month.

The platforms still consider themselves important players in product discovery, and Walmart’s new partnership with TikTok and Snap shows that they are trying to prove that ads viewed on their apps do lead to

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California says Amazon ruined online shopping, sues it for driving up prices

Amazon is again under fire for its policies allegedly forbidding its online retailers from selling their products for lower prices on other websites and retail platforms. Critics say this has led to years of higher prices for consumers instead of allowing markets to determine fair prices.

Last year, the District of Columbia sued Amazon for the same reason and lost in court in March 2022. But then in April, the Department of Justice issued a statement in support of DC’s case, and shortly after, DC filed to appeal this August. Now, California Attorney General Rob Bonta has piled on more pressure, announcing a lawsuit against Amazon for allegedly blocking price competition in California, too.

Previously, an Amazon spokesperson told Politico regarding the DC lawsuit that “sellers set their own prices for the products they offer in our store.” The spokesperson suggested that without Amazon’s commitment to highlighting competitively priced

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CHICAGO — Amazon is adding another Prime Day to the calendar, CNN reported.

The company announced Monday that the sale, called “Prime Early Access Sale,” will take place Oct. 11-12. The 48-hour event is only for members of its Prime subscription program and will feature discounts on “hundreds of thousands” of items.

“Prime Early Access Sale” will be available in 15 countries including Canada, China, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Amazon is following its rivals in getting a jumpstart on the holiday shopping season. Walmart announced last week that it will start its holiday sales as early as next month, and Target said its shopping kickoff, called “Deal Days,” will be held Oct. 6-8.

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Launching holiday shopping sales in October will help attract budget-conscious

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New York

It all started with a knock on the door four decades ago. It was 1982 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Patricia R. Miller was stopping by to introduce herself to new neighbor Barbara Bradley Baekgaard.

“I happened to be the welcoming committee of one,” Miller told CNN Business with a laugh. “Barbara answered the door draped in wallpaper — because it was their new home and she likes to wallpaper new homes — and I said, ‘Welcome.’ And that was it.”

The women quickly became inseparable. A few months later, coming home from a joint-family trip to Florida for Barb’s mother’s birthday, a layover in Atlanta changed everything. The duo, known to friends as “Pat and Barb” looked around at passengers’ luggage and noticed it all looked rather dull, in shades of beige and black.

The idea for Vera Bradley, named for Barb’s mother, is now

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BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – A Burlington startup that aims to take a bite out of online e-commerce giants had a mighty big showing in beta testing.

Dozens and dozens of boxes are loaded one by one into electric cars next to Hula in Burlington. Each one contains products from local retailers purchased during startup Myti’s beta test last week.

“We had an amazing turnout from the beta shoppers. About 400% of what we expected to do in dollar volume,” said Bill Calfee, who owns Myti.

Myti aims to make online shopping at local retailers easy. The inventory from businesses that take part is available online on Myti’s site for customers to search and add to their carts. Customers can buy from multiple stores in the same transaction with the items delivered by Myti to their door for a few bucks.

Art Bell of Dreamlike Pictures on Church Street in

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