Sweet Seventeen Gift for Good Friends

Sweet Seventeen is a moment of change from a teenager to a young adult. Of course, the number 17 is considered special, because at this age a teenager usually feels that he already has an identity. This is stated in the law that when a person reaches the age of 17, he must have an identity card (KTP) and a driver’s license (SIM).

Therefore, the sweet seventeen moment is very special and is eagerly awaited by teenagers. Various ways were done to celebrate sweet seventeen. Starting from lively birthday parties, having dinner with friends, holding fireworks parties, sharing meals with orphans, to other celebrations.

Either in a simple way or on a large scale, whatever form the sweet seventeen celebration takes, the aim is solely as our gratitude to God who has blessed us with a long life. Talking about birthday celebrations, of course, is synonymous with gifts. It feels like a birthday celebration is not complete without gifts, especially at the sweet seventeen moment.

Of course you don’t want to give random gifts at your best friend’s special moments, do you? If you are still confused about what gift is suitable for your best friend, you have visited the right article! Because Kamini has summarized it as a recommendation for sweet seventeen gifts for friends. Come on, see the article!

1. Photo Scrapbook

For those of you who like to capture moments, scrapbooks can be an alternative choice for sweet seventeen gifts. A scrapbooking activity is an activity of pasting photos with certain decorations, so that it becomes a creative work. Of course, your best friend will be happy if you receive a gift that you made yourself.
How to make a scrapbook is quite easy, you only need to paste a few photos and decorations according to the creation or theme you want. The tools themselves are very easy to find. You only need to provide a few tools and materials such as scrapbook paper, adhesive or glue, markers, colored pencils, beaded decorations, scissors and a ruler.

2. Mini Ornamental Plants

Today, ornamental plants are in great demand by millennials. So there’s nothing wrong if you make it a sweet seventeen gift. Especially if your friend is a plant lover, surely he will be very happy to receive it!
There are many types of ornamental plants. So it’s good before buying, you have to know in advance which types of plants are safe to care for.

3. Makeup Bouquet

For women, makeup has become a basic necessity that must be owned. However, considering that everyone’s skin needs and sensitivity levels are different, it’s a good idea to find out in advance what makeup your best friend often uses. That way, your sweet seventeen surprise gift will be very memorable and useful for the recipient!

4. Cleansing Brush

Apart from makeup, this sweet seventeen gift is also related to women. Even almost in demand by most women. Guaranteed, he will be very happy and will not refuse this one gift! Because cleansing brush has become a daily necessity for women.

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