Site and App Enhancements Take the Guesswork Out of Online Shopping

Editor’s note: We amended this blog to include the Be Your Own Model technology, announced Sept. 15, 2022.

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for our customers. And when it comes to online shopping, customers want a great experience that takes the guesswork out of shopping and makes it easy for them to find the perfect item. They don’t want to buy a dress and have to hope it fits. They don’t want to purchase a new toy and hope it’s what their nephew wanted. And they want to be able to shop with the surety that their groceries are EBT or SNAP eligible. Customers want to be able to shop with confidence.

That’s why over the last several months, we’ve made significant improvements to our site experience and launched new features to make shopping on and our app easier, more engaging and more personalized. This way, when customers are ready to shift into holiday mode, we will be ready with their ideal digital experience, no finger crossing required.

Enhanced Registry

We know a gift registry takes the guesswork out of shopping for couples headed down the aisle or welcoming a new family member, but what about all of life’s other moments and milestones? Whether it is a housewarming, a new pet or birthday, our gift lists and registries will help you find the perfect gifts.

We recently refreshed our site experience to make the gift registry process simpler and easier. Upgrades to the registry experience include new recommended items, available on web and coming soon to registry on our app, which allows customers to start their registry with ease by selecting from a list of the most popular and wanted items on our wedding or baby registries; and Scan to Add, a new feature rolling out to customers soon. This feature allows customers to scan items in store using the Walmart app and add them directly to a registry, making it seamless whether shopping online or in-store. We’ll even keep track of who bought what gift and when, so it’s easy to send a quick thank you to your gift-giver.

We also think lists have the potential to be a huge help when it comes to holiday shopping. Kids can make their lists on – “hearting” items to quickly add them to a list and share them with friends and family so they’ll know exactly what gifts to get, making it easier for them to choose a gift with confidence . So instead of wondering whether your nephew is more into Legos or Hot Wheels these days, you can just select from his gift list, add to cart, create a personalized gift message and make his holiday. And this is just the beginning – we’ll be launching many new capabilities, making the gifting experience simple, accessible and more fun! New Site Features

Personalized Style

When shopping for clothes, we know customers often wonder how to style a particular piece – what can they wear it with and how they can accessorize it. Our new online styling feature powered by visual outfitting and styling solution Stylistics allows customers to complete the look. So while in the past, a customer might have just been offered a dress, we want to take the next step and show the customer how she might style that dress to suit her personal style or occasion.

Other exciting upgrades are the Choose My Model feature we announced earlier this year and the Be Your Own Model options, announced Sept. 15. Now, when shopping for a piece of clothing on, a customer no longer has to just guess how the item will look on her body. Instead, she has the option to either choose a model to more closely resemble her proportions or upload a photo of herself to virtually try on the garment. These realistic, easy to use applications will give a better idea of ​​whether the item is a slay or a nay.

An Inclusive Experience

Regardless of how our customers pay for their food, we want them to be able to enjoy convenient shopping options to fit their schedules. And we want to make the experience as seamless as possible for them. When shopping for grocery items on, customers can select a filter to just view EBT or SNAP-eligible items and can easily see identify EBT-eligible products through clear badging on the item and search pages Then they can simply use their EBT or SNAP debit cards to pay at checkout. So, whether you’re shopping for a holiday meal or one of the 100+ dinners in between, we got you.

To make our online shopping experience even more inclusive, we have made significant improvements to our Spanish language search experience on Can opt in or out of the translated query and search in Spanish for over 600,000 of the most commonly ordered items.

Removing the Guesswork

The throughline of all these enhancements is taking the guesswork out of online shopping so customers can shop with ease and confidence, empowering them to make decisions that are just right for them. Of course, it remains crucial we continue to nail the fundamentals: great items at great prices and convenient, flexible pickup and delivery options.

Our goal is to create a seamless site and app experience that makes it easier for customers to find value and savings, whether they’re shopping for familiar weekly essentials or something new and different. More robust content on item pages – videos, images and more – ensures when a customer lands on a product they’re interested in, they have all the information they need to feel confident purchasing it.

Not only are these enhancements making the eCommerce experience even easier and more convenient for our customers right now, but also, they are creating a strong foundation for us to build upon as we accelerate the site experience in the future.

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